The Library Haul

Today, I was feeling a little rubbish in the morning and wondered what to do with my day to make everything better. The weather was unseasonably warm, and the sunshine was poking through the clouds just often enough to light up the autumnal bounty of turning leaves falling down from trees. I decided that this was not a day to spend cooped up inside, and went into town for a little trip instead. I got a scooter in, and determined that this would be a good day.

I picked up a autumnal moisturiser, testing it on the back of my hand and getting wafts of vanilla and pumpkin for the rest of the day. When I stopped to get a drink a chocolate reindeer lept from the shelves and into my basket – a shocking turn of events. And then I went to the library.

It might be fair to say that I got a little overexcited in the library today. I picked up a poetry book I liked the look of to help me create my own mini-anthology (an ongoing project), I picked up a couple of Christmas stories, and a couple of books that caught my eye last time I was in.

On my way to check them out I spotted a book I had almost bought in the bookshop the previous week – In that went. Then I spotted that a favourite author (Trudi Canavan) had a book I hadn’t read yet! That problem certainly needed fixing. Mrs England was on my wanted list already, so it went straight on top of the pile as I walked by, followed by the two short stories by beloved authors (JoJo Moyes and Katie Fforde) which were unhelpfully placed right by the desk to check out books.

Slightly concerned at this point, I asked the friendly librarian how many books I was allowed to borrow (the answer was twenty!) and how long I was allowed to borrow them for. Three Weeks. I have three weeks to read this lot….

Challenge Accepted I thought to myself.

And so, on this November evening I shall be curled up in bed with a hot water bottle, a hot drink, a candle, my new pumpkin and vanilla moisturiser generously slathered all over the place, and the first of my eleven new library books on my lap ready to be devoured. does this count as mindfulness? Or simply a wellbeing evening? Either way I am absolutely down for this.

I shall be re-entering society in three weeks, thank you all for understanding.

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