Ask The Reader: Laura

Personal Details Age: 25 Occupation/ hobbies: Cardiac nurse, hanging out with my dog, recently gardening Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?:  Absolutely not Favourite Genre: If factual-morbid-career type books is a genre, then that one! The challenge is finding an author who knows a specialist topic and can write well too – harder toContinue reading “Ask The Reader: Laura”

Book Review: The Little Tea Shop Of Lost And Found, by Trisha Ashley

Have I ever mentioned to you, my lovely readers, that I quite like Trisha Ashley books? I wasn’t entirely sure if I had, so I thought I had probably better write another review for you, just in case you were interested… (You can find the other two here Book Review: The Christmas Invitation by Trisha AshleyContinue reading “Book Review: The Little Tea Shop Of Lost And Found, by Trisha Ashley”

Ask The Reader: Lucy

Handful of personal details Age: 29 Occupation/ hobbies: Work for a health app start-up, hiking, watching tv. Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?: Yes, very much so. I just really like books and it is rare that I have a day when I’m not reading something. Favourite Genre: All the books, I’m open toContinue reading “Ask The Reader: Lucy”

Ask The Reader: Matt

Personal Details Age: 44 Earth years. I prefer to use Martian years though, I’m then 23. Suits my maturity level better. Occupation/ hobbies: No occupation. Hobbies include gaming, archery, shooting nerf darts at children (usually my own children) and reading. Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?: Yes. Also “A watcher” Favourite Genre: Fantasy. ThrillersContinue reading “Ask The Reader: Matt”

Ask The Reader

When I started writing about my ‘Book a Week’ challenge on Facebook back in January, one of the reasons I wanted to do it publicly was so that I could find people to talk to about the books that I’m reading – and it worked! People who I wouldn’t even assume were paying any attentionContinue reading “Ask The Reader”


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