The Book A Week Challenge

Like many people this year (and every year) I made a New Years Resolution. Mine was not to be healthier, smarter or more appealing in some way – mine was that I would read a new book (on average) a week for a year.

This challenge is significant for me because when I am stressed I Stress-Read, which basically involves retreating into a well known, well loved book, and staying there until I finish, dashing to the next Comfort Book. These are worlds and stories I love to love over and over again, and it makes me feel better after a hard day.

The trouble is new books. When I am tired and stressed the idea of opening up a new book and getting started is somehow overwhelming. It could be because my day-job can be very heavy, mentally and emotionally, but there are times when I just want to curl up and hide in my trusted Comfort Books. As anyone could have guessed, nursing through a pandemic was one of those things that sent me into a Comfort Book spiral.

So to kick myself of the habit (and the safety net) I set myself the challenge of reading an average of one new book a week over the course of the year. The idea of regimenting it to mean I had to read one new books EVERY SINGLE week made me pause – That’s not something I’m willing to commit to. There are times when thats simply not happening and during a week of night shifts is usually one of them.

Now nearly four months in to my challenge I am 17 books in and absolutely loving it. I am finally picking books off the to-be-read pile and dusting off the corners of the bookshelf searching for books I’ve been looking forward to reading for years.

The idea to begin reviewing these books as I go came far later than would have been ideal – I am currently starting with a back log of 17 books that I have opinions about (the urge to capitalise the word opinions was strong, but I resisted). I want to tell the world about them all right now, but patience is a virtue, most noteably when you only have 24 hours in a day. So I will try to catch up as I go along.

Please feel free to join me for the ride.

Here is a link to my progress check in August! The Book A Week Challenge – Progress Check

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