The Night Shift Problem

I had occasion today to reflect on the success of my Book a Week Challenge when I woke up between night shifts feeling groggy and grumpy and reached for my new book – The Queen’s Rival by Anne O’Brian.

Night shifts have always been the trigger for a mini Book Slump for me. It is when I am generally drained and looking for comfort, and it was when I reached for this unknown quantity – the new book – that I realised that less than half way through the year I had achieved part of what I set out to accomplish with this challenge. I was not just hiding in my trusted books when I was feeling rough.

When I set out the parameters for this challenge I specifically decided that my books read would be averaged out over the year, so that I did not need to push myself on night shift weeks. for this reason, finding myself looking for that new book with it’s new ideas and adventures while in night mode is a real win for me, which I wanted to share with the world.

Regardless of book count, or blog traffic, or credibility I have achieved something significant to me and I am really really proud of it.

Just wanted to share.

Pile of shiny new books that came through the post at the weekend.

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