Ask The Reader: Jo

Section 1.

  1. a) What was the last book that you read?

Blood Queen. It’s the story of Lady Macbeth and her rival Lady Sybil. Both of their sons have a claim to the Scottish throne in the 1100’s. the book is about each mothers fight to see their sons crowned.

  1. b) What led you to read it? What made it appeal to you before you started reading it?

I saw it on the bookshelf and it had an interesting synopsis.

  1. c) Did the book live up to your expectations of it?

Better than expected, I didn’t know much about early Scottish monarchy.

  1. d) What makes you want to read a book?

If the synopsis is interesting, if friends recommend it. Sometimes just because I like the picture on the front.

  1. e) Once you’ve started, what keeps you going?

Intruiges, plot twists, rooting for a character or wanting a horrid character to get their comeuppance.

  1. f) Do you re-read books? Which do you re-visit most?

All the time – Stephen King or Jane Austen.

  1. g) Which book would you recommend to others for enjoyment?

Couldn’t pick just one.

  1. h) Where/ when do you like to read?

When I’ve got an empty house, curled up on the sofa in winter or sat in the garden in summer.

Section 2

1)Which would be your ‘desert island book’?

Any Stephen King or Dean Koonty

2) Do you have a ‘goal book’ that you would love to read?

The next Game Of Thrones book, if he ever finishes it!

3) Which character from which book would you most like to go on an adventure with/ out to dinner with/ walk around the zoo with?

Professor McGonegall

4) You get to go out to dinner with one author and get all of the inside gossip on their book/ characters/ universe – who do you pick?

Jane Austen

5) Have you ever seen a movie that was better than the book? Which was it?


6) Which was the most beautiful book you ever owned?

Haven’t got one

7) Has a book ever changed your life/ outlook on something important to you?

None really

8) Book you threw hardest across the room?

Tattooist of Auschwitz

9) Book you would insist that your children read?

Anything by Roald Dahl

10) Which book do you think deserves some sort of award?

The Da Vince Code

11) If you aren’t enjoying a book, do you leave it un-finished?

Absolutely not – I have to see if it gets better.

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