Ask The Reader: Katie

Personal Details

Age: 29

Occupation/ hobbies: Software Development Manager, photography, crochet, walking

Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?: Lapsed

Favourite Genre: Fantasy

Favourite book/ books/ authors:

Trudi Canavan & Brandon Sanderson (especially Elantris)

Favourite childhood book:

Northern Lights and Harry Potter

Length of To-Be-Read Pile:

Approx. 10

Section One

  1. a) What was the last book that you read?

Non-Fiction: How Women Rise – describing habits which help in the early stages of your career and then begin to hinder you with advice on how to overcome them, including case studies. The female focused version of the 12 habits holding you back.

Fiction: Royal Assassin (Robin Hobb)

Audiobook: Heroes (Stephen Fry) – Ancient Greece stuff with mortals and Gods.

  1. b) What led you to read it? What made it appeal to you before you started reading it?

How Women Rise – Want to be good at life, I think it was a “recommended based on your browsing history” and thought it sounded useful.

Royal Assassin – Second in a series, picked up the series because they looked pretty in the bookshop and had a good blurb.

Heroes – A friend recommended Mythos, after I enjoying that I went onto Heroes.

  1. c) Did the book live up to your expectations of it? Better/ worse/ exactly as expected? Did it surprise you?

How Women Rise – Better than expected, sometimes with books like this I find it hard to apply it to my life and take practical advice but this was really helpful.

Royal Assassin – As expected, a good sequel to the Assassins Apprentice.

Heroes – I enjoyed this more than Mythos, there was more story to it whereas Mythos has a lot of listing the names of Gods!

2) What makes you want to read a book?

Recommendations and books that look pretty, otherwise basically involving magic!

3) Once you’ve started, what keeps you going?

Snacks, relatable characters, magical battles, lack of singing (cough lord of the rings cough).

4) Do you re-read books? Which do you re-visit most?

Occasionally, Trudi Canavan books I have read a few times.

5) Which book would you recommend to others for enjoyment? / Which would you recommend for changing the way we think? / Which tear-jerker would you recommend for a good sob-fest?

Enjoyment – Elantris (Brandon Sanderson)

Changing the way we think – Small Great Things (Jodi Picoult)

6) Where/ when do you like to read?

In the garden on a warm evening.

Section Two

2) Do you have a ‘goal book’ that you would love to read?

Lord of the Rings – need to get over all the singing!

2) Which character from which book would you most like to go on an adventure with/ out to dinner with/ walk around the zoo with? Put your own option if you like….

Either Katherine Johnson from Hidden Figures or Sarene from Elantris

3) You get to go out to dinner with one author and get all of the inside gossip on their book/ characters/ universe – who do you pick?

Patrick Rothfuss – so I can tell him to hurry up and write the final book.

4) Have you ever seen a movie that was better than the book? Which was it?

Fairly controversial one… Lord of the Rings for me as I have never managed to read the book.

TV show rather than movie but Game of Thrones (ignoring the terrible ending!!)

I haven’t yet read Hidden Figures but it will have to be pretty amazing to beat the film!

5) Has a book ever changed your life/ outlook on something important to you? What was it?

Invisible Women or Small Great Things

6) Book you threw hardest across the room?

One Day (David Nicholls) – I do not recommend this book to anyone, I can’t explain why it was so bad without giving spoilers, but trust me it was awful, so much rage.


7) If you aren’t enjoying a book, do you leave it un-finished?

I have only left two books unfinished in my life, so I try not to but sometime there is just too much singing (cough Lord of the Rings cough). The other was the Vampire Diaries, I love other books by the author but the main character in Vampire diaries is just unbearable.

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