The Reading Trip

Yesterday I had my favourite sort of afternoon – I went for a reading trip.

My Other Half likes to go white water kayaking; I gave it a go for a few years, but learnt the hard way that having a high-adrenaline job did not sit well with having a high-adrenaline hobby. After some more interesting trips my nerves were a wreck.

And so after crying out of trip at the last minute (as in, stood by the bank with my boat and all of my kit on, then refusing to get on the water) I quite accidentally discovered my favourite sort of afternoon. I love nothing better than to sit by the side of a river (preferably one which makes a satisfying amount of watery noise) with a snack and a good book, watching the world go by.

Yesterday I drove the paddlers to the top of the river, waved them off and headed to a half-way point downstream where I knew a feature that I could reach from the road. I parked up and headed off with my bag full of snacks, good drinks and my current book. I found a spot right at the bottom of the good bit where I could watch the action, get some pictures and just generally ignore life for the next hour.

It’s so peaceful there, which creates a space around my head to actually enjoy the book. There’s no obligation to be doing something else, or even a suggestion that I should be doing something useful – there’s nothing but me, the book, the snack and the river. And today a heron.

It was glorious


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