This Is Going To Hurt: Book Club Questions

A Book Club is always a good way to bond with those people who share your love of books, but occasionally the group needs a little prompting on discussion topics to get the conversation flowing. Please find below a few ideas to get things started.

  1. What were you expecting from the book to start with? Did the book meet your expectations? If not, what was different?
  2. How did the book make you feel about NHS workers? Do you feel any differently to how you did before you read the book?
  3. Adam Kay has turned this book into a live show – do you think these stories will work better on stage, or read in book form?
  4. Would you have liked to be a doctor? How does this book inform that opinion?
  5. Was there a point in the book that touched you more than the rest of the book? What did it mean to you?
  6. Is there anybody who you strongly feel should read this book?
  7. How does it feel to hear these encounters from the perspective of the junior doctor?
  8. How would you feel if you read about yourself in this book?
  9. Which patient stood out the most for you?
  10. Which was the funniest anecdote for you?
  11. If you could pick a moment in the book to have witnessed firsthand, which one would it have been?
  12. Adam Kay refers to how he chose his career early in life before he understood what it meant. What do you think about the ages that we choose our futures and what that means for us? Do you still want the same things you wanted as a teenager?
  13. How do you feel about the aspects of the book which discuss the personal life of doctors and NHS staff?
  14. Will you be reading ‘The Nightshift Before Christmas?’

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