“Did Not Finish”

I started a book this morning which was disregarded 20 minutes later – something inside me feels that I should probably have given it a bit more of a chance, but honestly ‘disregarded’ is just a slightly more polite way of saying ‘threw it on the ground while yelling ‘you idiot!’ repeatedly’.

I’m not an angry person, honest, but occasionally there arrive certain books which describe people that I can only hope are what you might call ‘fictional’.

Todays contender is a prime example; Who in their right mind announces to the world that their boyfriend is going to propose? Who? Why?

Okay, so there were some signs that could have been interpereted that why – WHY WOULD YOU TELL OTHER PEOPLE?! Not your close friends, I get that bit. Why have you told your co-workers? The lady you bumped into in the toilets? Complete strangers?!

Yes, you made a mistake – I realise that you can see this now. But why in god’s name are you trying to make yourself feel better by PUBLICLY HUMILIATING the guy you just told us you want to marry? In a rather shady attempt to salvage your own, rather fragile, self-esteem.

And your story has changed again, not ten minutes later? Unless this is a story about having some sense knocked into you with an anvil (which I suspect from the blurb it is not) I am done reading this book.

My only remaining question is whether I should put a warning note in the front, or whether I can in good conscience just drop it off at the charity shop and consider it a ‘lucky dip’ of sorts for the next person….?

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