The Maid Book Club Questions

A Book Club is always a good way to bond with those people who share your love of books, but occasionally the group needs a little prompting on discussion topics to get the conversation flowing. Please find below a few ideas to get things started.

  1. What were you expecting from the book to start with? Did the book meet your expectations? If not, what was different
  2. Who did you suspect at the beginning?
  3. Not all of the relationships in the book are what they appear to be from the start – when did you start to double guess the people around Molly? Was there anyone you doubted who was better/ worse than you originally suspected?
  4. Molly had a very close relationship with her Gran, who used to explain the world to her in ways that made sense. Which was your favourite bit of Gran wisdom?
  5. Who was your favourite supporting character?
  6. What was your feeling on finishing the book? Were you satisfied? Would you have rather it wrapped up differently? Were you surprised?
  7. The Maid is being made into a film by Universal – if you could cast the film yourself who would you put into each role?
  8. When you discovered the identity of the murderer, what did you think? How did you feel about their motive?
  9. Who was the main villain in this book? If there are multipel villains, who do you consider most despicable?
  10. There is an ongoing theme of friendship through the book, with Molly’s feelings and opinions changing as you read on. Was there any moment that stood out most for you on this theme?
  11. What do you think the future looks like for Molly and her friends?
  12. Molly knew when she was young that she wanted to be a Maid. Discuss her motives, and the parts of her job that make her really happy. Will moving into management be the right move for her after she studies?

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