Why Haven’t I Posted Anything?

“It’s been two weeks since my last post” I realised with slight surprise as I opened my blog page for the first time in what felt like only a few days. Nope, it’s been weeks. “Does this make me less of a book blogger?” I wonder, as I gaze around Book Twitter at all of the those people reading their fancy new books, writing about hot new authors and engaging in the book internet.

Nope, it makes me a real person.

Rather excitingly I went on holiday at the beginning of February to the Lake District. I ate, I drank, I read and I explored. It was medicine for the soul and I loved every moment.

Then when I got back I started a brand new secondment to a new ward, with a new shift pattern and all sorts of new responsibilities. My life absolutely turned upside down two weeks ago, and I simply am not organised enough to claim to have predicted this ahead of time, in order to schedule posts for that time period. That’s far too sensible.

So, here I am, still reading under the covers, still flicking extra pages on my (now much shroter) lunch break, and squeezing extra chapters in over breakfast. I just haven’t yet worked out where writing about it all fits in to this new, and unfortunately temporary, routine.

So, for those of you who were wondering, here is a little sneak peek of what is to come;

My holiday books – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Wolf Den, by Elodie Harper.

My newest Trisha Ashley discovery, ‘The House Of Hopes And Dreams’.

Followed by my latest addition to the TBR pile – The Midnight Library and Where Crawdad’s Sing.

Watch out for some actual blogging from me.


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