Lessons In Chemistry: Book Club Questions

A Book Club is always a good way to bond with those people who share your love of books, but occasionally the group needs a little prompting on discussion topics to get the conversation flowing. Please find below a few ideas to get things started.

  1. What were you expecting from the book to start with? Did the book meet your expectations? If not, what was different?
  2. At any point do you view Elizabeth as ‘playing along with it’ to make her life easier? Were there any points where you think she should have?
  3. What role, if any, do you think religion plays in the role/ perception of women in society now and then?
  4. Madeline has issues in school around ‘playing girls games’ and ‘pink or blue’ – What is the significance of this and is this a current day issue?
  5. The book is full of reprehensible characters, but who causes the most harm in your eyes?
  6. How do you feel about the reaction of women to Supper At Six? Does Elizabeth make the greatest difference as a Chemist or as an inspiration?
  7. Discuss the relationship between Zott and Frask.
  8. How do you think gender expectations have affected the choices you personally made in your life?
  9. Families are discussed regularly through the book, but none of those belonging to main characters are ‘traditional families’ – how does this shape them in the story?
  10. How do you think this would translate into a film?
  11. Would you recommend this to any friends? Who? Why?

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