Ask The Reader: Laura

Personal Details

Age: 25

Occupation/ hobbies: Cardiac nurse, hanging out with my dog, recently gardening

Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?:  Absolutely not

Favourite Genre: If factual-morbid-career type books is a genre, then that one! The challenge is finding an author who knows a specialist topic and can write well too – harder to find than one may think.

Favourite book/ books/ authors: Unnatural Causes by Richard Shepherd, Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman… But also Fragile Lives by Prof Stephen Westaby, oh goodness, this is a rabbit hole.

Favourite childhood book: Footloose by Kate Cann

Length of To-Be-Read Pile: Half a sideboard cupboards worth – my appetite for reading and my available time for reading are not in agreement.

Section One

  1. a) What was the last book that you read?

I’m currently reading Good Vibes Good Life, and The Thursday Murder Club.

GVGL does what it says on the tin; it isn’t overly enchanting but is an easy read.
TTMC, however, has captured me from the first sentence. I’m only on page 8 but I know it’ll be a belter!

  1. b) What led you to read it? What made it appeal to you before you started reading it?

GVGL was because I’m always pushing to be my better self *eye roll*
TTMC was because I wanted something a bit different to truly lose myself in. I love true crime and anything I can learn from normally, so this seemed like the best of both worlds!

  1. c) Did the book live up to your expectations of it? Better/ worse/ exactly as expected? Did it surprise you?

TTMC is already surpassing expectations. It’s so exciting when you know a book is going to be brilliant, isn’t it?

GVGL isn’t exciting me particularly, but I’m persevering.

2. What makes you want to read a book?

The reading tastebuds that speak to me of an evening and say “Oh, isn’t it time we had a looked in our cupboard to see what we can find?”

3. Once you’ve started, what keeps you going?

I have to be truly captured by a book if I’m to finish it within a reasonable amount of time, otherwise it’s a few pages here and there, thanks to a busy schedule.

If a book isn’t inspiring me and it doesn’t serve a purpose educationally, I call it quits.

4. Do you re-read books? Which do you re-visit most?

Very rarely. I believe if a book is fantastic then I owe it to the world to pass the book on with a good recommendation, therefore I actually keep very few books I love – sometimes I even rebuy them!

Unnatural Causes will be my next re-read, now I’ve hunted my original copy down as it did the rounds through the cardiology department.

5. Which book would you recommend to others for enjoyment? / Which would you recommend for changing the way we think? / Which tear-jerker would you recommend for a good sob-fest?

Noughts & Crosses changed me as a teenager, particularly the issue with the plasters – you’ll know if you read it. It was the first book that was still playing on my mind a good week after I’d read it. It was a catalyst for reflecting on my privileges and approach towards race issues.

The Midnight Library was an unexpected win too, which I only read because I joined Book Club 4 Babes during one of the lockdowns. That one has also toured Cardiology, so it’s back in my cupboard if you’d like it?

6. Where/ when do you like to read?

On a train or coffee shop, latte in hand, glasses on, as the stranger in the window.

Alternatively, anywhere I get the chance.

Section 2

  1. Do you have a ‘goal book’ that you would love to read?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, to help me on my road to being my best self.

2. Which character from which book would you most like to go on an adventure with/ out to dinner with/ walk around the zoo with?

Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton (The Heat of the Moment) – What a woman! She laughs in the face of adversity and I am in awe.

3. You get to go out to dinner with one author and get all of the inside gossip on their book/ characters/ universe – who do you pick?

Adam Kay – He just makes the world a better place, doesn’t he?!

4. Has a book ever changed your life/ outlook on something important to you? What was it?

Why Men Don’t Listen and Woman Can’t Read Maps – it was truly poorly written, and took some perseverance. I love anything explained by science, which this was, and made some excellent points… Not to mention it referenced research from Plymouth University, which was a nice bonus.

5. Book you would insist that your children read?

I didn’t read as a child particularly, so I’ll be encouraging them to read all sorts. It’s an infinitely valuable interest. I truly wish I’d been a ‘reading kid’.

6. If you aren’t enjoying a book, do you leave it un-finished?

I feel guilty so I have to be sure it isn’t offering anything, so yes, because life is too short not to be inspired.

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