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When I started writing about my ‘Book a Week’ challenge on Facebook back in January, one of the reasons I wanted to do it publicly was so that I could find people to talk to about the books that I’m reading – and it worked! People who I wouldn’t even assume were paying any attention to what I post about started commenting on my posts, or asking me in person about what I’m reading. It’s been great – so many people have all of these opinions about books that I never would have guessed.

Then back in April I decided to put together a book blog to start looking a little wider for these book conversations, and it only got better. It’s not been particularly helpful for the size of my TBR pile (the Other Half may be looking at ways to book-proof the letter box) but there are people everywhere who love books! They write about them, talk about them, compare them, it’s been brilliant.

After the blog had been up a couple of months I started to notice an increase in people asking me for book recommendations. Some of them already read, and they can give me an idea of books that they’ve already enjoyed so I can make a couple of reasonably safe recommendations from the list of books that I am absolutely willing to rave about.

But then there is the group of peope who are confessing to me that actually they would love to be the sort of people who read, but they don’t know where to start. This is a bit more tricky to make recommendations for, and has been one of my absolute favourite parts of this year.

What makes a person love a book?

I am convinced that almost everyone enjoys a story in some format – whether it is music, a book, an audio book, a film, a series, a newspaper or a magazine I feel like there is a story out there that will strike a chord in anyone. The trick is finding the right story, and sometimes the right medium.

I’ve spent so much time thinking about it, and talking about it with friends. Why do we love to read, and what makes us love specific genres/ authors/ stories? How do we pick books for ourselves? How can I possibly work out this magical equation that will put the perfect book into the right persons hands, sparking a love affair that will last a lifetime.

So something special was born – I am going to find the deep, dark answers to what makes people love books. I have put together a handful of questions and asked a variety of friends/ family/ colleagues to answer them honestly for me so that I can start to dig into those corners and find the secret.

It has been brilliant – the answers have been insightful, intereting and have sparked some great conversations. I discovered that one friend loved to re-read Sherlock Holmes, while another can read in Latin!

I have decided to post the answers here on my blog every Wednesday at 11am and take you all on this journey with me. Maybe you will find that some of the answers strike a familiar note with you, perhaps some peoples answers might surprise you? Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I am.

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  4. Ask The Reader: Katie

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