Book Review: Amy’s Honeymoon, by Julia Llewellyn

A five star honeymoon in Rome… What more could a girl want?

In Amy’s case a husband might come in handy…. but, with the cost of a cancelled wedding to mop up and no chance of a refund on the honeymoon, she’s jetting off to bask in the Italian sunshine on her own.

Except no’one seems willing to leave her alone. If it’s not nosy hotel guests, it’s famous stars desperate to exchange suites. How’s a girl supposed to wallow in misery when, under protest, she’s dragged off to shop until she drops, or to film premieres or intimate picnics a deux?

But why was the wedding called off? Where is the absent groom? And can movie stars really fall in love with the girl next door? You’d be mad to miss out on this Roman holiday…

Finally my first book towards #BeatTheBacklog! This book has been wallowing in my TBR pile ever since my grandma pressed about 5 bags full of books on me when she was getting ready to move out a couple of years ago. It lives now on the shelf next to the bathroom filled with frivolous looking books destined to be enjoyed whilst pretending not to be an adult with anything serious to think about.

It has absolutely fullfilled its fate as ‘A Bath Book’ – it is utterly ridiculous and absolutely transportative. It did everything I asked of it – It made me smile, smirk and sigh as I breezed away a lazy evening in a nice hot bubble bath, worrying about absolutely everything.

Were there times when I thought that the characters were behaving badly? Yes.

Were there times when I whispered ‘Wait, what?!’ at the latest development? Yes.

Was it even remotely mentally stimulating? Not even slightly, and that is what I was reading it for. If this book happens to cross your path and you too have space in your heart for a bath book, then pick it up.

Those slightly more observant of you may have noticed how well it matches the humungous bottle of ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel in the background. It makes you feel like that smells. Enjoy.

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A Book In The Bath

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