Book Review: Trust Me I’m A Vet, by Cathy Woodman

City Vet Maz Harwood has learned the hard way that love and work don’t mix. So when an old friend asks her to look after her Devonshire practise for six months, Maz decides running away from London is her only option.

But country life is trickier thatn she feared. It’s bad enough that she has to deal with comatose hamsters, bowel-troubled dogs and precious prize-winning cats, without having to deal with the disgruntled competition and a stubborn neighbour who’s threatening to sue over an overzealous fur cut!

Worse still, she discovers that Otter House Veterinary Clinic needs mending as much as her broken heart. thank goodness there’s an unsuitable distraction, even if he’s the competitions delishiously dashing son…

This book came into my possession along with about 60 others when my grandma was about to move and finally decided that the car boot sale that she’d been planning for the last decade was never going to happen. During that past decade, our entire family had been giving her their pre-loved books, for the intended car boot sale, and as such she nudged me into her book cavern (garage) to take as much as I could carry away with me.

I have loosely been saving this book for a day when I was feeling rubbish and in need of a little fluffy entertainment. Yesterday was that day, and while I felt slightly disgruntled near the beginning of the book, I am fairly sure that was far more to do with my previous state of grump than any reflection on the books beginning itself.

To give the measure of this book in book-lovers language, I accidentally read it in one day. At 1am this morning when I happened to glance sideways and catch a glimpse of the clock I was surprised, in that way that readers world wide will recognise as the ‘I was only going to read a few pages, how on earth did that happen’ moment. I reluctantly put the book aside for what just about counted as a nights sleep, before I picked it up again to continue.

I turned the last page of this book this morning with a much needed caffienated beverage on the left, and my dog snoring away on my right. I am uncertain how best to describe this book to those looking to know whether this is the book for them, and I’ve decided that it comes down to what you’re looking for in your books.

Are you looking for a surprise, for a plot that is totally different to what you expected? Then this is not the book for you – It is a familiar plot line that I have read many times in many well-loved books. Are you looking for a feel-good page turner that will make you feel happy for a day or so? It’s all yours, this is your book. Maz, the main character is kind, animal orientated and there are just enough fluffy escapades to keep the pet lovers among us happy with their book choice. There were moments in the book when I thought back to reading James Herriots memoirs, though Otter House Veterinary Clinic is specifically small animals, so there is far less gloving up to the shoulders and far more dealing with the precious pets of your neighbours, and the consequences of some inevitable fates.

Is it a literary wonder? No, it’s not, but it is exactly what I needed yesterday, and this morning, and I’m happy to have read it. It made me smile, it made me comfortable and thoughtful and it has that mark of a truely good book – It made me forget about absolutely everything while I was reading it, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a bath book, or a holiday read, or simply an ‘I’d like to escape the world for a bit’ book. Lap it up, it’s lovely.

P.S. I have just now found out that this book is the beginning of a series following the residents of Talyton St George. Am I intruiged? Absolutely! Watch this space….

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