Book Review: The Maid, by Nita Prose

Molly the Maid is all alone in the world. A nobody.

She’s used to being invisible in her job at the Regency Grand Hotel, plumping pillows and wiping away the grime, dust and secrets of the guests passing through. She’s just a maid – why should anyone take notice?

But Molly is thrown into the spotlight when she discovers an infamous guest, Mr Black, very dead in his bed. This isn’t a mess that can be easily cleaned up. And as Molly becomes embroiled in the hunt for the truth, following the clues whispering in the hallways, she discovers a power she never knew was there. She’s just a maid – but what can she see that others overlook?

I fell victim to the Twitter mania surrounding this book – Like many others I saw the flurry of great reviews flooding my twitter feed and I started to wonder. I read the blurb and my interest was piqued. I read other people raving about it and my curiosity was roused. I got myself a copy.

The mark of a good character is that they stay with you when you are not reading, and Molly the Maid was one of those characters. She is oddly appealing, at times quite reminiscent of Eleanor Oliphant in her breakdown of other people and the world around her, but with a hopeful optimistic slant. She sees the world with a mix of innocence and pragmatism that is woven beautifully by the author to make a Molly that will stick with you long after the last page is turned.

The cast in this book are well portrayed to make a fascinating mix for a ‘whodunnit’ – Mr Snow the hotel manager, Rodney the bartender, Juan Manuel the dischwasher (I can’t help it, I kept reading this as ‘Jean M Aeul’ in my head), Mr Preston the doorman as well as Sunshine Sunitha and Cheryl the other maids. Each with their own distinctive characteristics and contributions to the plot, the team at the Regency Grand Hotel will take you for a whirlwind of a whodunnit with Molly the Maid at the helm.

I finished this book on Friday morning with relish. The only reason I hadn’t finished it in the early hours was my Other Half putting his foot down at around midnight – something about sleep being important? It’s catchy, immersive and brilliant – I really enjoyed it and think you will too.

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