Book Review: The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

A beautiful, eerie hotel in the Swiss Alps, recently converted from an abandoned sanatorium, is the last place Detective Elin Warner wants to be. But her estranged brother has invited her there for his engagement party and she feels she has no choice but to accept.

Arriving in the midst of a threatening storm, Elin immediately feels on edge. And things only get worse when they wake the next morning to find her brothers fiancee is missing. With access to the hotel cut off, the guests begin to panic.

And this is only the first disappearance.

Everyone’s in danger – and anyone could be next…

This is a book that I absolutely, undeniable bought because of FOMO – I’m sorry, but I just cannot lie. It was all over Twitter with everyone raving about how great it was, and one evening when I was feeling vulnerable, looking for some sort of nice little treat, I saw yet another post raving about it.

People, I bought it and then suddenly realised that I hadn’t even read the blurb. I was a tad embarrassed to admit it to myself, and a little more embarrassed to admit it to you. But, the whole point of this blog was supposed to be honesty, and to represent the reality of being a book lover.

It arrived on Friday, and fortunately I was in that rare mood where a murder mystery sounds like just the thing. So I settled down with a book and a hot drink to enjoy my new adventure.

I did not quite finish it in one sitting – I went to sleep in the middle. There was a brief lull at the beginning of the book where I struggled to get into it. The main character is carrying a lot of baggage around with her, and that hotel is really pretty creepy reading, so it took a little perseverence to start with. It reminded me of Thirteen ( Book Review: Thirteen, by Steve Cavanagh ) in this way, but once the murders started being uncovered Elin came into her own and the book begun to pick up the pace rapidly.

I absolutely did not guess who the murderer was, or how any of it pieced together until the final confrontation. Oddly enough for me, at the end during the face off and confession, I felt stirrings of the motives from The Lost Apothecary ( Book Review: The Lost Apothecary, by Sarah Penner ) and a couple of the themes from that book (no don’t worry, I won’t give anything away).

It was exciting, it was suspenseful and an enjoyable read. For me the most important box that a murder mystery needs to tick is that I didn’t see it coming, because that’s just plain boring. I love the plot twists, the surprise motivations – but they need to make sense once revealed, which this did. It did everything I want and need from a nurder mystery, which isn’t a bad outcome for an impulse bought peer pressure book.

To summarise, please do enjoy the book x

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