Book Review: Anatomy Of A Scandel, by Sarah Vaughan

***Warning – Some spoilers***

A high profile marriage thrust into the spotlight.

A prosecutor who believes justice has been a long time coming.

A scandel that will rock Westminster.

And the women caught at the heart of it.

I read Anatomy of a Scandal in about one day – It wasn’t quite at ‘can’t possibly put it down’ level, but it was pretty close. It was well-written and compelling, with a twist that I guessed half of but didn’t even slightly suspect the most punchy twist – that the prosecuting lawyer had been raped by the accused herself in their university days.

Watching Kate/ Holly relive her own experience through Olivia and the parrallels in detail between the details of the two womens experiences is gripping in a car-crash sort of way. You’re clutching the edge of your seat waiting for James to recognise her, for Sophie to realise and for the entire trial to fall apart in an spectacular scandel and for the dual accusation to bring James Whitehouse to his knees.

Except it doesn’t quite work out like that. The book certainly did not end as I expected it to, and I am unsure how I feel about the ending. Was justice served? Yes, but possibly not necessarily for everyone who deserved it. Sophie certainly manages to save herself in the end, which I have to admit to being pleased about, having become quite fond of her after reading her persepctive throughout the book. The thing that bothered me most about the wrap up of the book was that Olivia doesn’t even get a mention – no word of how she recovers or moves on, and certainly no indication of how she feels about the verdict and ‘justice’ delivered.

So yes, I absolutely enjoyed this book and was gripped by the story. You’ll have to tell me how you feel about the ending after you’ve read it yourself, because I’m still not sure.

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