Anatomy Of A Scandel: Book Club Questions

A Book Club is always a good way to bond with those people who share your love of books, but occasionally the group needs a little prompting on discussion topics to get the conversation flowing. Please find below a few ideas to get things started.

  1. What were you expecting from the book to start with? Did the book meet your expectations? If not, what was different?
  2. Who did you inititally think was telling the truth? Did this change as the book progressed? Were you uncertain at any point?
  3. The truth is a strong theme throughout the book – what do you think of the differing approaches to the truth?
  4. Were you surprised by the Holly/ Kate link?
  5. Should Kate have taken the case? What would you have done in her position?
  6. The book talks about consent in details – how do you feel that this has changed over the years?
  7. At the beginning of the book Kate talks about how difficult it is to get a conviction in a ‘relationship rape’ case – why is this?
  8. Which secret was the biggest surprise to you? Were there any that you saw coming?
  9. How did you feel about the ending? Did you still have any questions that you felt weren’t answered?
  10. Sophie stands by James at the beginning of his trial – what did her personal journey make you feel? Would you have made the same decisions as her?
  11. James’s relationship with the truth as a man and a politician is discussed much near the end of the book – while it is stated that this is not a true story, how did this narrative on truth make you feel about our politicians?
  12. Have you seen the Netflix series? What did you think? How does it translate?

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