Book Review: All Creatures Great And Small by James Herriott

I was pondering what book to read next when my other half picked a book off the shelf and plonked it unceremoniously in my hands. That, he insisted, was a book that I would love.

It wasn’t one that I would have picked up for myself. It was one that I vaguely remember my mum loving when I was younger but oddly enough had never held any appeal to me. Maybe I had simply filed it away somewhere under ‘adult books’ and never stopped to think that this catagory might now be one I was interested in.

I was not expecting much for some reason, but I dutifully opened up realising that now that it was in my hands I was going to have a real barney on my hands convincing him that it wasn’t the book for me without actually having any real reasons for thinking so.

So I started at the front, and in a joltingly fast time I was at the very end of the book searching eagerly for the next book, which I was assured by my rather smug other half did exist somewhere.

I absolutely fell in love with that book – it warmed me in the way that videos of puppies chasing butterflies melts the hearts of dog lovers. The man tells stories like a wizard – he bewitches you and suddenly the room around you dims and all you can see, hear, taste, smell is the yorkshire dales and all of it’s whacky inhabitants. Might I put a special word in for Tricky Woo, the absolute star of this book – I desperately want to have him over for a play date!

I can safely say that this read was an absolute success and that I have a new book to add to my ‘favourites’ collection. It made me laugh out loud, and immersed me in a world that I really wouldn’t mind spending a lot more time in. I could not recommend it enough to anyone looking for animal mischief and a general feel-good read.

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