What Should I Read? December 2021

With the weather getting ever colder and more miserable, I feel that it is only right to suggest a few new books this month to brighten your days.

Something Christmassy

I loved A Surprise Christmas Wedding, and would like to recommend it as ‘Something Cosy’ for December this year. It’s a real ‘feel-good, curl up on the sofa with a blanket and breathe in the hot chocolate’ sort of book, and I personally nibbled my way through it accompanied by several chocolate reindeer wrappers. I particularly enjoyed the regular references to Trevor the labrador and the red squirrels of the Lake District. I am aware that I am easily pleased, I am not sorry.

Book Review: A Surprise Christmas Wedding, by Phillipa Ashley

Something Thrilling

The Hunting Party is a thriller set on New Years Eve in the depths of Scotland, with a group of friends seeing the New Year, unaware that one of them is going to die.

I enjoyed the pace and the way that it played with your mind. As a ‘whodunnit’ with twelve suspects after the act, you need to pay a bit of attention in the first few chapters to get your head around who everyone is – but once you have they are all very clearly defined as their own characters. It is well-written and suspenseful, and utterly gripping.

Book Review: The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Something Happy

As a self-confessed fluff addict, I was obviously absolutely delighted with ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’ – tales of a yorkshire vet. I would like to recommend it as this months ‘Something Happy’ because of the fuzzy warm glow I got from reading this book.

I absolutely fell in love with that book – it warmed me in the way that videos of puppies chasing butterflies melts the hearts of dog lovers. The man tells stories like a wizard – he bewitches you and suddenly the room around you dims and all you can see, hear, taste, smell is the yorkshire dales and all of it’s whacky inhabitants. Might I put a special word in for Tricky Woo, the absolute star of this book – I desperately want to have him over for a play date!

Book Review: All Creatures Great And Small by James Herriott

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