Ask The Reader: Lucy

Handful of personal details

Age: 29

Occupation/ hobbies: Work for a health app start-up, hiking, watching tv.

Would you describe yourself as ‘a reader’?: Yes, very much so. I just really like books and it is rare that I have a day when I’m not reading something.

Favourite Genre: All the books, I’m open to anything if it’s good

Favourite book/ books/ authors: Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice

Favourite childhood book: Charlie and the chocolate factory

Length of To-Be-Read Pile: At least 15 – the majority of which is the Wheel of Time series, which is made up of multiple very long books.

Section 1

  1. a) What was the last book that you read?

Troy (Stephen Fry) – The book that launched a thousand ships.

  1. b) What led you to read it? What made it appeal to you before you started reading it?

Enjoyed Mythos and Heroes, so Troy follows on. Picked those up after enjoying other books on mythology. I like to complete the full sets of books

  1. c) Did the book live up to your expectations of it? Better/ worse/ exactly as expected? Did it surprise you?

I preferred Mythos and Heroes, but it does a good job of simplifying Homer’s epic as best as possible

2. a) What makes you want to read a book?

I love recommendations from other people, I’ll read any book of any genre if someone else tells me it’s good.

2. b) Once you’ve started, what keeps you going?

Compelling characters or plots, and if I can’t sleep!

3) Do you re-read books? Which do you re-visit most?

Yes, Jane Austen & Sherlock Holmes in particular

4) Which book would you recommend to others for enjoyment? / Which would you recommend for changing the way we think? / Which tear-jerker would you recommend for a good sob-fest?

Changing the way we think – Quiet (Susan Cain) –

5) Where/ when do you like to read?

At night in bed, with multiple cushions and blankets

Section 2

1)Which would be your ‘desert island book’?

I have a Jane Austen Collection book that has ALL her novels in one, that I have had for a long time. It also already looks like it was washed up on an island and eaten by the local wildlife so no need to worry about damaging it either!

2) Do you have a ‘goal book’ that you would love to read?

The Count of Monte Cristo – it’s just so long though..

3) Which character from which book would you most like to go on an adventure with/ out to dinner with/ walk around the zoo with?

Sherlock Holmes –  I want to know what his deductions on me would be if he met me. Additionally, he would also just happen to look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

4) You get to go out to dinner with one author and get all of the inside gossip on their book/ characters/ universe – who do you pick?

George R R Martin – so I can ask him how Game of Thrones ends, was it supposed to end like the TV series, does he actually have a plan etc. As clearly he’s not publishing anything any time soon!

5) Have you ever seen a movie that was better than the book? Which was it?

I think the Outlander TV show is better than the books actually.

Jurassic Park and Jaws – Spielbergs’s films are better than the books. And whilst I don’t think hunger games is better I think they did an excellent job.
(you should ask what adaptation are worse – I can go on for hours about that).

6) Which was the most beautiful book you ever owned? Judging the book by its cover is entirely encouraged here, so please feel free to describe…

I have a hardback copy of Chris Packham’s autobiography, a beautifully descriptive book on his life growing up with both nature and autism. I HATE hardbacks usually – the covers are easily torn, they take up too much space in my bookshelf, and I can’t even explain how much it annoys me to own a series where half are in hardback and half are in packback and IT DOESN’T LINE UP ON THE SHELF. Anyway…this is the only case where I love having a hardback copy because it has a beautifully striking cover, a repeating outline of a bird in silver and blue, and the paperback is ugly in comparison.

7) Has a book ever changed your life/ outlook on something important to you?

Becoming – Michelle Obama

8) Book you threw hardest across the room?

The Queen of the Tearling trilogy – Terrible ending along the lines of ‘and then I woke up and it was all a dream…’ which is such a cop out

9) Book you would insist that your children read?

A Series of Unfortunate Events & Harry Potter, pretty much anything so long as they read, I wouldn’t want to force them to read anything as reading should never be a chore.

10) If you aren’t enjoying a book, do you leave it un-finished?

Yes if it is awful, but might come back to it – I read both actual books and kindle (due to storage issues, due to too many books, leading to concerns of bookcases toppling over), and kindle is great for being able to leave books and come back to them later.

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